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I finally understand what internet social marketing is all about.  It isn't about who you know, it is about who knows you.  That is, establishing a network on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin (or others) is just the first step.  Once you have connected, it is then up to you to create your public persona. 

Why does that matter when you are seeking a job?  Job seeking advisors recommend that you "brand" yourself.  You can use emails, blogs and tweets to get your brand message across to your network, but this typically means actively managing your brand with a daily or weekly update. 

I like the idea of updating my network, I just don't want to be tied to the computer to get the job done.  Instead plan your brand message in advance, then use SocialOomph to schedule sending the updates to your Twitter and Facebook pages.  You have created a brand campaign which can then be monitored and managed for success (getting your network to be aware of your knowledge and interest in your specialty).

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IMA has been publishing their Salary Survey for more than 30 years.  Check this out to find the link to this year and prior year's Salary Surveys.

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FENG is an international network group of financial executives.  There are three FENG chapters in NC, Greensboro (Triad), Raleigh and Charlotte.  Each chapter has regular meetings of both active and alumni FENG members.  At least once a year, the chapter hosts a 'speed recruiting' session with FENG members and recruiters (termed 'Friends of FENG'). 

FENG Members recognize that any job opening will have many applicants, so if someone is to get the job, we'd rather it be one of our friends than anyone else.  As such, job leads and inquiries from recruiters are openly shared by the members with other members after asking permission to do so from the recruiter.  FENG members are interested in preserving favorable relationships with these recruiters, so before responding to an opening, they take pains to be sure that they would be a viable candidate.  This self-selection process is monitored through feedback from the recruiters.

This is an example of how most recruiters respond to the leads that they receive from a FENG posting. 

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BRAG! by Peggy Klaus (website link)  is a book that provides guidance on how "to talk about your best self (interests, ideas and accomplishments) with pride and passion in a conversational manner intended to excite admiration, interest, and wonder, without pretense or overstatement -- in other words, without being obnoxious."

Building a series of dialogs from your strengths is a first step before venturing out to discuss yourself to others.  You must know yourself, what you excel in and what you are seeking (in very specific terms) before making networking contacts.

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