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About Triad jobs


The Jobs are updated automatically from a variety of job posting and job search engines.  The results are filtered through feedrinse to elimiinate jobs that are not focused to this audience.  For instance, jobs with these words in their title are removed before being listed: Army, home, rep, google, therapist, programmer, technician, sales professional, etc.  The jobs are also filtered by location, attempting to show only NC Triad related jobs.

Here is a list of the sites that are consolidated -- if you know of a feed that should be included, please send the president a note: (a composite jobsearch engine that consolidates feeds from many job boards) (a community)
TweetmyJobs Triad Acct (these links expire fast!) (a company consortium of job postings)

Should you want to add this RSS Feed of Greensboro Accounting Jobs RSS Feed to your own RSS news reader (most browsers now have them as a feature), click on the XML image to get the needed URL.  
Or, find this symbol (RSS Feed - find this sign on the page to add the feed to your browser (this image is not funcitonal)) at the bottom corner of each section to add that news feed to your browser.  Using RSS feeds means that you get the updates automatically after they occur, rather without having to check on this site to see if anything has changed (a welcome relief to those of us that attempt to keep abreast of what is happening on many different sites).

If  the listing is blank, or you see a message that the "newsfeed is not available at this time", then just press the refresh button on your browser -- it will re-request the information and should show the results.  If no results are shown after hitting the refresh button, then just click the XML link above to see the list in XML format in a new window.

Job Listings by local people - you can add yours here, just register on the site.


Triad Jobs - consolidated listing


Post Opportunities

You can now share lead information with other members.  Below this, there is an area for job announcements -- just add your announcement to share.  For those of you technically inclined, these listings also publish a RSS feed, so you don't have to come back to this site just to get information about updated listings.
The IMA has partnered with a national job-bank that provides free accounts for businesses to establish an intranet Corporate Career Site and offer monthly and annual subscription rates for IMA members to list jobs along with tracking and HR management tools through the internet.  The feed below is filtered to find positions in this geographic region for finance and analyst in the body of the posting -- sometimes this approach ends up showing positions that are not exactly suited for the intended audience. 

Your organization can list their jobs here as well.  If you are interested, click this link to post jobs that are seen by just the type of people you are seeking to place in your organization.