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November 19 meeting


Doris Gardner, FBI Supervisory Agent
Topic:  Cyber Security

Learn to secure your financials and your company assets through failures of others.  Doris shares extensive practical experience from the discovery and capture of n'er do wells. 

Doris Gardner

Doris Gardner  is a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI Office in Charlotte, North Carolina where she supervised the state cyber crime squad for over seven years. She holds bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science from Catawba College, Salisbury, N.C and a master's degree in theoretical mathematics from Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, N.C. Within two months of the creation of the cyber crime squad, agents from the squad solved the Lowe's bombing investigation through the electronic trail of an e-mail message. The Cyber Crime squad in North Carolina is responsible for the first federal prosecution of a wireless intrusion and for the longest sentence ever given to a hacker. Under SSA Gardner's supervision, the cyber crime squad operated the longest online piracy undercover operation in the FBI's history, which was responsible for 60 targets across numerous FBI offices within the U.S. and nine foreign countries.

Prior to being assigned to FBI Charlotte, she was assigned to the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), at FBI headquarters. As a headquarters supervisor, she managed the infrastructure protection and computer crime program for the southeastern offices of the FBI. Special Agent Gardner was selected to run a multi-federal agency crisis action team which investigated hundreds of intrusions into government systems during 1998-1999. This investigation utilized numerous high tech investigative tools such as data wiretaps, pen registers and traps and traces. Additionally, while at FBI headquarters, she provided international computer crime investigator's training to the International police in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Romania and Hungary. She served as the chairman for Interpol's High Tech Crimes Region, which includes North, Central and South America from 1997-1999.

Prior to being assigned to FBI headquarters, she was assigned to the FBI's Baltimore division and was the case agent on an FBI undercover operation called "Innocent Images." The Innocent Images investigation targeted individuals who: 1) used the Internet to meet and lure minors into sexually explicit relationships, and 2) used the Internet to distribute or trade child pornography.

Prior to becoming an agent, SA Gardner served as a computer scientist at FBI headquarters. As a computer scientist, she provided technical support to large investigations like VANPAC, which involved the mailing and explosion of two pipe bombs, one exploding in Atlanta, GA killing a lawyer and one in Birmingham, AL, killing a federal judge.