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Feb 19th meeting


John Ruggiero, EVP & CFO Worldtex

Topic:  Management vs. Financial Reporting

Reporting the financials is the single most important aspect of a management accountant.  Most accountants struggle with their systems to report results in a fashion that instills a sense of integrity to the numbers, whether for regulated external reporting or for internal management reporting.

IMA Speaker

Management reporting is very different from financial reporting! The accountant who simply generates a post-closing financial statement from the accounting system is just not serving company management!  In today's fast moving business climate, accountants must do more than manage dusty historical information, because managers want real-time forward-looking operations information. It's there in the computer, but the trick is to get it into the hands of the right people, timely!

John Ruggiero is an accomplished senior executive with over thirty-five years of diversified operational, administrative and financial experience in varied industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Direct Marketing, Publishing and Public Accounting.

His extensive career and varied industry exposure has afforded him the opportunity to develop skills in Marketing, Product Development, Distribution, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Purchasing, Customer Service and General Administration in addition to his superior financial and operations management abilities.

John is a Certified Public Accountant in North Carolina and Connecticut and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the NCACPA.

John has been cited by the Connecticut Society of CPAs as a Distinguished Discussion Leader for leading seminars on topics such as Financial Forecasting and Management Decision Making. He has had frequent speaking engagements with the Connecticut, Ohio, Tennessee and Michigan State CPA Societies and the Direct Marketing Association. He has authored seminars on topics such as Management Reporting, Intricacies of Direct Marketing Finance, and Managing a Business in a Recessionary Economy.